Monday, December 14, 2009


A month has gone by so fast! London was amazing. It really was an Interesting, Intriguing and Inspiring trip. I guess the hardest part now is to put all the experience into action. December is here again, a time for me to reflect and anticipate great things ahead.

Hope is a good thing...

Monday, November 2, 2009

Bus Company Single - "For Heaven"

This is a great tune guys!, we just finished the single in June and would probably be out year end. Stay tuned. Meanwhile here's a little acoustic doddle tastefully done by Sam on the floor- literally.. enjoy!


My Most Memorable Track of 2008

This brings back sweet memories of the whole production of this movie. Am truly humbled to have been part of it. In Loving memory of Yasmin..

Friday, April 3, 2009


Not to be missed!..

Venue: FGA KL
Time: Doors Open at 8.00pm
Show Dates:,, , April

Check out the trailer here Paroimia

Sweet memories of the Studio Recording for Love Came Down. Thank you so much, you guys you were an amazing bunch.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Hey Everyone. Its finally Here!,
Talentime the latest screenplay By Yasmin Ahmad.

For those who have been wondering "where did joe disappear last Sept till Oct". Talentime was the reason. Workin with Yasmin, Pete Teo and the whole cast and crew was "Power man! It was an amazing experience having to edit the sound, edit and prep the soundtracks and creating the sound design was fun too!

Enough said!, be sure to check our Talentime.

Atilia Singing Angel... memang Best

Monday, March 30, 2009


Hey Guys!, Keep tuesday nights free! (31st March 2009) Am very exited to be doin a few numbers at Redeemed!, an event form Sedaya's very on CF!..
Check it out here, Redeemed 2009

its here on facebook too:

See You all there!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Songs For New Season

Hello everyone!.. I really am exited to start blogging this time round. I guess its the excitement of being in a new season and experiencing God in a new way really overwhelms me. It's also great to finally be married! (I know many of you would agree) and Yes!, life is beautiful!, that summarizes it very nicely :-).
Am working on a freelance basis these days, meaning I'd work on production and recordings on a project basis. I must say it has been very fruitful. Not only I'd finally have control of my schedule and working with different bands has been a blast. The latest would be the single entitled "THE WAIT" from the MRSC winners FREE TO FALL. They are currently my favourite "All-Gall" band. Check them out at I really had a great time Co-producing the track!, Blasting guitars and a newly inspired "starbucks-song" by Jane Sebastian was part of all the fun, Ha ha. Will be posting up pics very soon!.

-thats all for now, woo hoo!-

Thursday, January 15, 2009


I'm getting all prepared to get married . . .

what should i do? :P

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Yes I'm back!... the train of events of the past few months have finally been Re-juvenated. Thanks to the amazing caretakers of Arundel & Bunge, Fraser's Hill (Ee Lane & jon included). The Food!.. THE FOOD MAN IS MADNESS!.
HA HA.Gonna name them in Chronological order.

1. Pak-Charm-Kai
Hainanese style, reminiscence of Grandma's famous recipe with secret chilli sauce.

2. Fungus Soup
Not as bad as it sounds, I guess they should have named it better those days to safe guard its true nature serenade our tired bodies form the winding trip.

3. Tea & Cofee with Orange Lined Bread (Home made-loaded with orange peels)
Fuyoh!, the name itself is bombastic, Sedap!

4. ROAST PORK (with fried tantalizing strips)
I believe we will be FEASTING IN HEAVEN!, how can you not?.... sob sob

Best Roast Lamb i've tasted, 100% home cooked-try beating that. Even the mintleaves are of home grown, different caliber man!.. aiyo habis la my wife next time.. he he

6. Sauce-Sauce-Sauce!
I think we drank it like it was soup that night :O

Seriously guys!... how to describe this one?.. we just went "Mmmm Mmmmm". I think we've been tricked by believing that apple crumble should be hard and stiff, this one is soft, fully loaded with custard. Once eaten you should be the one that's crumbling!

8. BREAKFAST SET:(Sunny-side up, Sausage, Bacon!, with home made marmalade)
was thinking that its our final breakfast so better eat more, litte did we know, there was....
Char-Mee-Hun somemore!.. woo-hoo!!.. how la not to put on weight?

9. FINALE:Chicken Chop & Fish Fillet for lunch
felt the urge to help finish the food after breakfast inspite of not bein hungry . :-)

I guessed you might alraedy be feeling really full after reading all this. All in all it was the people we spent over the 'makan' table that really made the difference!

so Yes!.. any takers for next years retreat?.. ha ha

Monday, September 15, 2008

Album Launch


to the launch of Joe Loy & The Warehouse Project's debut album entitled


check out for more details

so block your dates for that day! It's gonna be worthwhile!